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The video shows cutting of paper cardboard with the CO2 laser system from eurolaser. The system cuts, engraves and marks of cardboards and paperboards in top quality Packaging manufacturers are true specialists, as are ZÜND.

The road to producing packaging which is suitable for the customer and for the market is often long. With eurolaser system technology based on the proven ZÜND flatbed cutter, it is shorter and considerably more efficient.

Samples for design, material and functional alternatives can be produced easily, quickly and economically with the ZÜND Samplemaker toolkit, as can die production and the selection and production of foam inlays. At the same time, ZÜND also has the necessary flexibility to make it worthwhile producing small batches.

This is confirmed by our customers of many years standing in the global packaging industry. We continue to develop our range of products in close cooperation with them, and create innovative solutions to satisfy their requirements for productivity, precision and reliability better than any other manufacturer.

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