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KömaLite® - polypropylene honeycomb panel
High stability with low own weight

On behalf of the profine GmbH Kömmerling Kunststoffe, we have tested the polypropylene panels in our application laboratories. For the test cut, KömaLite was used in strengths 2.5 and 2.9 mm. The results show that both strengths can be easily cut with a CO2 laser.

Which advantages does laser cutting from KömaLite hold?

• High level of precision and cutting quality
• Contactless cutting - material fixation not applicable
• Machining without application of force - no material damage
• No tool wear -- cutting quality is consistent
• No chipping waste -- cleaning around the machine not required

Where is KömaLite used?

KömaLite® is a light polypropylene panel with a web-like core structure. It is easy to process and due to the high stability and homogenous surface, it provides an excellent basis for optimum printing results. This is why KömaLite is used in particular by digital and screen printers, but also by advertising engineers and for shop fitting and exhibition stands.

Additional properties of KömaLite®:

• Tear-resistant
• Minimum own weight
• Resistant to humidity
• Low absorption of water
• Can be used inside as well as outside
• Resistant to chemicals and oil
• 100% recyclable

Thus, KömaLite® is particularly suited to usage in the advertising sector, specifically in the area of indoor and outdoor advertising and to POS.

In order to process the offered panel dimensions of the polypropylene panels easily and quickly, eurolaser has the suitable laser system models:

• Laser system XL-1200 for machining the panel size 2000 x 1000 mm
• Laser system XL-1600 for machining the panel size 2050 x 1450 mm
• Laser system XL-3200 for machining the panel size 2050 x 3050 mm

We would be happy to advise you on the topic of laser cutting!

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