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You save time, minimise downtimes and unnecessary costs

Our brand new ‘Watchdog’, an analysis tool unmatched in the laser branch, ensures you always have all the key functions of your laser system in full view. This live monitoring function displays key parameters and error messages in real time. Its remote diagnostics enable faster fault removal and better planning of service jobs.

•Time saving thanks to fast fault detection
•Minimised service costs thanks to remote diagnosis
•Optimum support thanks to exact recognition of faults
•Live monitoring in real time
•Higher productivity thanks to minimised downtimes
•Automatic error messages

Sophisticated technology and ingenious concepts are the reason eurolaser cutting systems are ranked among the most productive laser cutters on the market. Watchdog is a consistent continuation of this strategy. Watchdog makes your production even more efficient thus saving you time and money. In future, all our laser systems will be equipped as a standard with the hardware needed to operate this analysis tool. Play it safe – customer service of the future!

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