Acrylic display stand up | Laser cutting

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Brochure display stand made of acrylic glass

Cut, mounted and radiantly presented

Stands and shelves for brochures are classic elements of advertising displays and part of the standard equipment at trade fairs and points of sale. We cut 8 mm thick acrylic glass to shape on our laser system. Thanks to the use of laser the edges of the ten single parts are smooth and radiantly clear. They can be used without the need of any further flame polishing! The parts were threaded in a second step and then screwed together.

The single parts have a zigzag arrangement that allows the stand to be used on both sides, each side with three compartments. No acrylic bending machine was needed for production. This sturdy, high-quality acrylic glass display stand is an attractive presentation tool. Its elegant design is reflected in the radiant edges that give it that ‘wow’ effect.

Flexible and productive

Although brochures usually have a standardised DIN A4 or A5 size, high-quality brochures often have special dimensions. The laser allows you to produce exactly to customer requirements.

Additional information

L-1200 | Laser Cutter Machine

200 W


Laser cutting
Acrylic glass, PMMA, Perspex, Plexiglas, Display

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