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Process safety and time saving

Our software LaserScout enables the use of barcodes with predefined cutting contours and parameters of the material. The completely automatic process flow lowers costs per unit to a minimum. The machine operators only need to re-supply material and remove the cut workpieces. This solution is worth its weight in gold in the industry mostly for serial and mass production.

Your benefits:
• Clear identification of materials and products
• Time saving compared to manual data-import
• More process safety
• Perfect integration into existing workflows
• Output by only one click
• Perfect for reproductive working processes

The versatile parameters required for laser processing that vary depending on the material are not set by the machine operator. The software reverts back to already existing data, which were determined by job preparation specialists during sophisticated tests. This means the operator no longer needs to deal with technical details of this kind. The error ratio is minimised and operation is very easy.

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