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High demands on processing quality

The ‘white goods’ sector includes household appliances such as washing machines, fridges, dryers and all kinds of kitchen appliances. High-quality films are often required for these electrical devices in order to embed actuators and displays. The printed films are usually back-injected with plastic and thus stiffened.

In the application, we demonstrate how a front panel is cut from polycarbonate using a laser. Particular attention is paid to the openings for switches, controls and LEDs which must be cut very accurately in order to provide a high standard of quality.

The demands on the films, mostly made of polycarbonate, ABS or PETG are very high. A good level of impact and scratch resistance is a prerequisite. As a result, the demands made on the processing of such a complex material are extensive.

Advantages of laser cutting:

• No force applied to the material - so no mechanical stress of the material
• Highest level of precision and great advantages for delicate cutting, even small batchesbecome economically viable
• Accurate laser cutting of printed materials in particular due to an optical recognition system

The advantage of laser processing as opposed to a punch or cutter is the high quality of the split cut, as well as the non-existent wear to the ‘laser’ tool.

With the laser beam, even the smallest details can be cut practically radius-free, unlike with a cutter. Non-contact processing has the advantage of not affecting material surfaces. In addition, the material need not be laboriously fixed, leading to reduced production times.

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