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Protection against dust and scratching for electrical and electronic equipment

More and more electronic and communication equipment offers users high-quality screen surfaces. No method of protecting this equipment from scratches and soiling in everyday use has proved as successful as the application of a hardwearing protective film. Laser cutting offers impressive advantages in the manufacture of these films:

• No cleaning of the knife necessary
• No parts stick after cutting
• Consistently perfect cutting results
• Maximum repeat accuracy
• No material distortion thanks to contact-free cutting
• Smooth cut edges
• Narrow radiuses and extremely fine filigree details possible
• Perfectly accurate laser cutting, in particular for printed materials thanks to an optical detection system

Another advantage is the flexibility of the laser system. This means that protective films for new types of equipment can be produced quickly and simply, without having to change the tool.

There are many types of protective film, they come as a completely transparent film or also as an anti-reflection film that not only protects against scratching but against light reflection as well.

The demands on protective devices and accessories are rising hand in hand with the continuously increasing demands on communication and data processing equipment. What is more perfect dimensions and clean, smooth cut edges simplify the application of protective films and lengthen lifetimes thanks to good adhesive properties.

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