Membrane switches | Laser cutting with Shuttle Table System

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Exact cutting with CO2 laser

Above all, the membrane keyboard is used in places where resistance to dirt and water as well as insensitivity to environmental influences is required. It is easy to clean and, with its compact design, it offers a large scope for the most varied of applications.

So it is in charge of automobile and vehicle manufacture, electronics, medical and military technology and many more.

The laser cuts even mounted foil on a table concept especially developed for this purpose with a configuration of integrated exhaust technology and cutting nozzles.

• 4 to circa 10 composite layers
• circa 2 x faster than conventional laser systems
• with exact dimensional accuracy, without wear
• without changing tools
• filigree contours up to 1/10 mm
• clean surface
• force-free effect due to contact-free cut
• kiss-cut effect for individual layers possible
• fusing / sealing of the outer edges possible
• entry of moisture is reduced
• foil cables can be bridged

The most important consideration when processing the individual layers is precision and matching the life-spans of the different materials.

Above all, the production of the membrane keyboard should be economical. On the other hand, the products must display very specific properties and fulfill special functions.

A few functional examples of complex foil assembly:

• flexible labeling options
• tactile snap discs
• electrical connections by flexible foil cables
• protective filter (e.g. against electrostatic charges)
• ergonomic surfaces
• integration of an LED layer
• IP protection classes

Using camera recognition registration marks can be accurately read by the laser system and the position of the foil layers to be processed can be determined with precision.

The intelligent analysis of the register marks also makes a compensation of the dimensions possible. This serves to optimize or align to the necessary dimensional accuracy.

As a composite, most membrane keyboards can be e.g. contoured outwards, also after assembly.

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