Ice chrystals made of acrylic | Laser cutting

Video description

Year after year many families ask the same question as Christmas comes along, "How shall we decorate the tree this year?" Laser cutting systems from eurolaser make it possible to create your own individual Christmas decorations.

The video shows acrylic being cut with a CO2 laser. You can see very clearly how contactless cutting is carried out. There is no chipping waste with laser cutting and filigree contours and polished cut edges are possible without the need for any reworking.

Benefits for cutting acrylic:

• Can be cut, engraved or marked extremely well with CO2 lasers
• Polished cutting edges even in filigree contours with no reworking
• Both extruded and cast PMMA can be processed
• Processing with protective foil possible
• Chipless laser cutting and engraving of Plexiglas
• No tool wear and no retooling required in contrast to sawing, milling or boring
• No clamping or fixing of the acrylic glass necessary
• High degree of repeatability and consistent quality
• Practically radius free laser cutting of inner contours for all acrylic glass thicknesses
• Reliefs can be engraved in Plexiglas

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M-800 | Laser Cutter Machine


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