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Glass fibre or glass fibre reinforced plastics are some of today's most important construction materials. They are resistant to aging and to the effects of the weather, they are chemically resistant and some are inflammable. Their high elasticity is used to significantly improve the mechanical characteristics of synthetic materials.

In other applications, glass fibre reinforced plastics are used exclusively as continuous fibres in woven fabrics or in UD (unidirectional) tapes.

• GRP made from woven or stitched fabric
• Mixed forms of the above types
• GRP made from rovings or unidirectional woven/stitched fabric (produced using the filament drawing method)

Examples of typical applications
• Vehicle manufacture: aviation, boat and shipbuilding, automobiles, two-wheel
• GRP insulation technology
• Glass fibre sound insulation, fire prevention
• Regenerative energy extraction: e.g. wind farms, model making
• Bath tubs, shower trays, wash basins, water slides
• Safety and protective clothing (e.g. fireman's helmets and motor sport helmets)
• Sports and leisure items

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