HiFi board made of 20 mm Plexiglas | Laser cutting

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Acrylic for interior design

With high luminosity, brilliance, classic sheen and crystal-clear transparent edges – acrylic is just a material for design ideas and unconventional inspirations.

Acrylic, also known by the trade name Plexiglas®, is outstanding for use in high-quality, modern interiors. Combined with elegant design, eye-catching features can be produced to meet any requirement, both for individual interior decoration and in sophisticated commercial establishments.

• Shelves and cabinets
• Presentation scenarios
• Banister rails
• Ceiling elements
• Picture frames
• Tables and chairs
• Lighting elements

and much more. With the help of laser technology, there are no longer any limits on the manufacturing possibilities.
Acrylic glass material can be used in transparent, real glass look, printed, reflective, satin-finished, opal or even coloured form.

CO2 lasers are tailor-made for processing acrylic:

• Polished edges including those with filigree contours
• No touching up required
• Individual engraving, e.g. reliefs
• No clamping or fixing of the acrylic necessary
• Practically radius-free laser cutting of internal contours
• No chips or scratches

Laser systems from eurolaser can be economically used even for single products as well as for small batches. System automation features support the high output productivity at demand.

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