Ejection rubbers for dieborads | Knife cutting

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The Video shows marking and cutting of ejection rubber with a CO2 laser system from eurolaser. Until recently, ejection rubbers could only be manufactured using water jet technology.

As well as the additional drying process, this means in particular that special water jet cutting technology has to be provided in packaging production.

A practical and at the same time more cost-effective solution is:

• Tz75P

This replaceable tool increases your productivity in die production by shortening the process chain. The eurolaser system can be reconfigured to provide an efficient ejection rubber cutter with one simple action.

This enables the die maker to use one system for cutting rubbers, cutting dies and producing sample boxes with a sensational price/performance ratio.

• Diagonal cuts of up to 0°/ 7.5°/ 10°/ 15° can be made "dry" using the Tz75P module
• The cut parts can also be inscribed directly, thus simplifying assembly
• Tool wear is very low
• Tools can be changed in a few seconds
• Further optional tool inserts can be used for other applications
• Double-sided adhesive assembly films with liners (e.g. from TESA©, Scotch© or 3M©) are reliably cut at the same time

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