eurolaser event bus printed on MDF | Laser cutting

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A pre-printed MDF plate of the office equipment range is to be cut by laser. Fiducial marks were printed for detecting the position of the material on the cutting table.

The alignment of the cutting contour for printing is to be carried out using camera recognition.

Technical data:
Material: MDF
Material thickness: 3.2 mm
Verwendung: Office equipment
System: eurolaser M-800
Automation: Shuttle Table System
Laser power: 100 watt
Dimensions cut: approx. 304 x 430mm
Production time/ camera detection approx. 1.5 sec. (3 marks)
Production time/ cut: approx. 2 min. 10 sec.


Laser cutting:
• Ideal application for pre-printed MDF plates
• Fast or short process routes from printing to complete part
• High degree of flexibility specifically for small and medium series
• Contour compensation or positioning with fixed output size possible

By using the Shuttle Table System, the productivity of the system can be further increased. Apart from better accessibility of the workpieces, the option of loading and unloading during processing is a great feature.

The pre-printed MDF plate can be cut exactly with perfect precision and the contactless process prevents any crushing or distorting of the material.

Use of optical camera recognition means that the fudicial marks on the material are recognised exactly and the position of the cutting contour to the print accurately defined. Intelligent evaluation of the fudicial marks also allows optimum compensation of cutting contours to the printed data. This process ensures that cutting is always effected exactly along the printed contours.

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M-800 | Laser Cutter Machine

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Shuttle Table System

100 W

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Laser cutting
Optical Recognition System

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