3 Materials, 3 Tools, 1 Machine | Laser, Router, Knife

Video description


Preparing a sample display, made of three different materials (‘3 in 1’). The quick change between the tools laser, router and knife cutter on just one system is to be shown.

Technical data:
Material: Acrylic
Material thickness: 10 mm

Material: PVC rigid foam
Material thickness: 8 mm

Material: Composite (paper / foam)
Material thickness: 5 mm

System: eurolaser XL-1600
Laser: Rofin CO2 Sealed-Off
Router: Zünd 1 kw
Cutter: Zünd POT / Z21

Material: Acrylic
Dimension/cut: 53 x 37 mm
Machining: Laser
Production time: approx. 24 sec.

Material: PVC rigid foam
Dimension/cut: 131 x 86 mm
Machining: Router
Production time: approx. 65 sec.

Material: Composite (paper / foam)
Dimension/cut: 53 x 28 mm
Machining: Knife cutter
Production time: approx. 10 sec.


Due to the parallel use of laser, router and knife cutter on one system, yet unexpected opportunities in material processing came possible. Three tools can be assigned in only one operation. Changing between the tools happens smoothly, no set-up time is necessary.

Different materials can be efficiently machined in several ways and in highest quality, how the result shows.

Additional information

XL-1600 | Laser Cutter Machine

200 W
Laser cutting, Routing, Knife cutting
Acrylic glass, PMMA, Perspex, Plexiglas, Zünd, Router, Knife cutter, Tool head, Milling, Rilling, Foam, Hard foam, Display, Point of Sale, PoS, Point of Purchase, PoP, Exterior signs, Signs, KAPA, 3A Composites, PVC, Polyvinyl chloride

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