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Impact-resistant and suitable for foodstuff

The brand LUMEX® stands for transparent and translucent materials from 3A Composites. Two kinds of LUMEX® are available. LUMEX® A is a high-quality A-PET (amorphous polyethylene terephthalate), which is particularly suited to flat and bent applications. LUMEX® G on the other hand is a PET-G (modified polyethylene terephthalate), which was mainly developed for the area of thermal and hot transformers.

eurolaser has now had a closer look at this material. The material was tested in the in-house application laboratory with regard to the properties during laser machining.

Benefits of the cutting of LUMEX® with CO2 lasers:

-LUMEX® A as well as LUMEX® G can be processed with eurolaser systems
-No forces acting on the material - thus no damage
-No chipping waste - thus no cleaning required around the machine
-Perfectly accurate laser cutting, in particular for printed materials, thanks to an optical detection system
-No tool wear, cutting quality that is always consistent

The machining tests in the eurolaser application laboratory showed that LUMEX® can be cut without any problems with our CO2 laser systems. The materials were tested with a thickness of 3 mm. Due to the thermal cutting process, the cut edges are slightly milky and there are very small burrs. The precision of the laser and the automated machining, in particular for printed boards, enable you to create efficient cuts that are true to contour.

Where is LUMEX used?

Typical applications for LUMEX® A are elastic poster sleeves, signs, elements for cooled foodstuff storage, protective glazing for machines and printed, translucent signs.

LUMEX® G is a material for thermoformed covers for machines, vacuum formed shelves for storage and production, medical devices and products for the POS / POP.

Properties of LUMEX®:

-Fire classification “flame retardant”
-Suited to direct contact with foodstuff
-Good impact resistance
-Good printability with UV-resistant ink

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