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Corian®– Marble effect object design
Creative ideas cut by laser

The high-tech Corian® solid surface is regarded by designers, architects and artists as an outstanding basis for realising their design ideas in the home and commercial sectors. Visually Corian® is very similar to marble. However, when it comes to processing there are marked differences between these two materials.

Corian® scores ahead of marble thanks to ease of processing. It can be moulded and thermoformed, and the fact that it can be joined without seams makes it the ideal material for work surfaces where soiling needs to be avoided. It is therefore used in special working environments such as laboratories. Thanks to its surface finish it is highly resistant to dilute acids.

Typical areas of application for Corian®:

-Hotels and restaurants
-Shop and trade fair installations
-Bathrooms and kitchens

Corian® is cut using CNC milling machines among others. What many users do not know:
Corian® can be cut brilliantly using CO2 laser systems.

The advantages of CO2 lasers for processing Corian®:

-Maximum precision in cutting
-No shaving waste - no need to clean the area around the machine
-Minimal kerf - ideal for intarsia work
-No material fixing needed due to contactless and stress-free processing
-No tool wear as in mechanical processing
-High level of precision in repetition resulting in consistent quality
-Internal contours can be cut with almost no radius

Corian® from the house of DuPont™ convinces designers throughout the world thanks to its wide range of colours, strong translucency and durability. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. LED backlit Corian® elements such as counters and wall cladding open up whole new design options for your POS. There are no limits to the creative possibilities. With eurolaser's cutting systems the material can be cut and fitted together to perfection.

CO2 laser cutting systems and Corian® - the perfect interaction!

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XL-1600 | Laser Cutter Machine

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