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Economical and flexible automation

Time is money – this saying is true today more than ever. There is no way of getting around this maxim, especially where productive manufacturing processes are concerned. Automation is the magic word here.

Our video shows you the fully automatic workpiece loading and unloading of our M-800 laser cutting system with automatic shuttle table system per robot. A solution for a typical handling task was realised in cooperation with Lorenscheit Automatisierungstechnik GmbH.

A digital signal triggers the release of the table loaded with new raw material. Changeover starts automatically once the cutting process on the second table is completed. The new material is cut automatically while the robot simultaneously unloads the finished parts without any interruption in the cutting process.

Fully automatic process cycle
• High degree of process reliability thanks to minimisation of errors
• Flexible use of robots thanks to simple user programming
• Time saving thanks to optimised processes
• Wide choice of materials thanks to the many gripper and holder
We would be glad to advise you personally and develop the optimum laser cutting process for you.

Innovative production planning and manufacturing methods are a must if you are to withstand today’s competitive pressure. However, implementation is not always so simple in practice. It is hardly possible to realise new innovations economically without flexible technologies and automation processes. Laser technology makes many things possible – today and in the future.

Lorenscheit Automatisierungstechnik supports customers with the planning of production processes in order to find optimum and practically-orientated solutions for client companies. The focus here is always on simple operation and user-programmable robots. These enable a quick and flexible response to new tasks without the time-consuming use of external programmers. You will find more information at

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