Labelling, printing and laser cutting

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Laser cutting - labelling - printing
Three machining processes in a single operation

Expand the usage areas of the laser system by combining the eurolaser Label and Ink Printer Module options. Label individual parts and subsequently print the label with serial numbers or barcodes. In this way you can prepare for further stages of production in an optimum way, for example.

Typical usage options:
- Marking of different cuts for tracking other process stages in production
(Laser + Label Module + Ink Printer Module)
- Sewing markings for further processing
(Laser + Ink Printer Module)
- Branding of products using brand marking
(Laser + Label Module with preprinted labels)
- Marking with serial numbers, dates or times
(Laser + Ink Printer Module)
- Automation of further processing using barcodes
(Laser + Label Module + Ink Printer Module)

Ink Printer Module – print head for precise inscription
In addition to inscribing the labels, our Ink Printer Module can also print directly onto different materials. Even non-absorbent surfaces such as acrylic can be written onto.

Label Module - quick and flexible labelling
The labelling system Label Module can be loaded with both printed labels and blank labels. Depending on the application, the adhesive force and the label material can be adapted to the application by selecting suitable labels.

The above-mentioned options are available for the following laser systems:
CO2 Laser system L-3200
CO2 Laser system XL-1600
CO2 Laser Cutter XL-3200
CO2 Laser Cutter 2XL-3200
CO2 Laser Cutter 3XL-3200

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