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Cutting spacer fabrics without crushing

The special feature of spacer fabrics is the material thickness, the third dimension of this textile. Spacer threads keep two textile surfaces at a distance from one another. This distance can be up to 50 mm depending on the application. Two textile surfaces are kept apart by spacer threads. However, it is just this essential characteristic that frequently complicates the cutting to size. Particularly when absolute accuracy is important. The solution: Cutting without contact!

• No crushing of the material
• No distortion
• Lint-free
• Highest precision
• Cutting direct from the roll

The base material for the spacing monofilament thread, the pile yarn, is often polyester, making this material outstandingly suitable for cutting with a CO2 laser. The particular characteristics of spacer fabrics make them the ideal material for seats and seat covers. It is very good at removing moisture, is highly permeable to air, ensures ideal thermal regulation and provides excellent pressure relief. It is therefore found in many types of upholstery, not only in vehicle manufacturing but also in the aerospace industry, medical engineering and the furniture industry.

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