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The natural material wood is still in vogue and always ensures a cosy and timeless ambiance. One reason why wood parquet is very much in demand as a floor covering even today. Inlay work is very popular for giving the parquet an individual design. But it is not only in historic buildings that you find this centuries-old technique. Stylish inlays give a room an individual flair and make it possible to create an elegant and harmonious design. Such inlays can take the form of imaginative ornaments as well as logos and inscriptions for the corporate design of businesses.

Wood has a vital radiance as well as excellent properties. In addition to providing thermal and sound insulation it is also easy to clean and is very durable. Wood is also antistatic, breathable and completely degradable.

Where the processing of such noble wood is concerned material costs are of course very high. So waste and breakages must be kept to a minimum. What could be better than a processing method that does not come into contact with the material? This is where laser cutting comes into its own.

Laser processing of parquet offers the following benefits:

• Finest details and radius-free inner contours possible
• Less material waste
• Burr-free cut edges, no post processing necessary
• No clamping of the material required, no material damage

The extremely fine cutting gap and virtually radius-free inner contours mean that even very filigree shapes can be achieved using laser. So personal requirements can be realised exactly without compromise.

Inlays in wood parquet are found wherever there is a call for individual rather than “off-the-shelf” flooring, e.g. in single-family homes, apartments in old buildings, doctors’ surgeries, hotels, company foyers, galleries, museums, embassies, castles and palaces.

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