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Optimum system technology for the highest demands

Velcro is the ideal alternative when it comes to fixing something quickly and then opening it again. The last few years have seen this material being used in an ever increasing number of applications.

Fields of application:

• Clothing and leisure-wear industry
• Automotive sector
• Mechanical engineering
• Packaging industry
• Medical technologies
• and much, much more

The structure of the material makes processing with conventional methods, such as knife and punching processes, difficult for certain requirements. These methods quickly reach the limits of their capacity when it comes to cutting twisting and filigree contours.

It is here that the benefits of laser come into play. There is no need to clamp the hardwearing material and contactless cutting increases flexibility of production. The use of special hot-knife tools to fuse the cut edges is a thing of the past.

Laser technology ensures:

• an extremely high degree of flexibility
• accurate filigree cuts
• fused cut edges
• economical production of small series
• no initial costs for the construction of tools
• no mechanical stressing of the material
• no material distortion thanks to contactless processing

Fully automatic machining from the roll is possible with the conveyor system.

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M-1200 | Laser Cutter Machine

100 W

, Polyester

, Textiles


, Automotive

, Clothing industry

, Military, police

, Plastics processing

, Sport industry

, University, research, prototyping

Plate, Roll
Laser cutting
Polyester, PES, Velcro

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