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Extremely flexible, permanent marking

Anyone who deals in promotional items knows that low costs are de rigueur nowadays. Low volume production at affordable prices is in greater demand than ever. At the same time, the promotional items on offer are expected to be of ever higher quality. For this reason, the application of an appealing logo is often the decisive criteria, if one is to be a successful player in the market. On many items, a screen print, applied using a standardised process, looks less appealing than a laser engraving. A significant advantage of laser engraving is that it cuts directly into the actual surface of the promotional item. A printed surface, on the other hand, quickly wears off, and is, therefore, less effective for advertising.

Furthermore, this permanent labelling process plays a part in making product piracy significantly more difficult. No other process delivers this advantage as an integral part of the normal working procedure.

Another advantage offered by this fast and easy laser engraving process is the level of fine detail which is now possible. Also, the objects to be engraved do not need to be fixed in place, as the laser beam is contact free.

In the example of engraving that we have prepared for you, we have applied an advertising slogan or company name to a standard ballpoint pen using our CO2 QuickMark laser marking system. The engraving process is very quick, and the finished engraving fits elegantly with the design of the pen.
What are the advantages of the laser?

• Extremely fast laser marking and inscription
• Permanent, indelible labelling
• No need to fix materials in place
• Exact contours and a high level of detailing possible
• Ease of use and integration

The CO2 laser beam removes the top layer of colour so that the metallic layer is seen as a colour change. QuickMark includes a range of lenses, with a maximum working area of 150 x 150mm. Integration into an existing production line enables the workspace to be adjusted to suit the requirements of the manufacturer. I/O channels enable the QuickMark to be integrated and driven by existing production stages. "On the fly" marking is also possible. The laser head is always appropriately positioned.

The software is intuitive to use and therefore very user-friendly. An automatic positioning aid, in the form of a laser pointer, makes setting up the workpieces extremely easy. Thanks to digital conversion by the accompanying software, there is no limit to the design possibilities, and these can be changed very easily at any time.

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QuickMark | Laser Marking Machine

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