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Quick, filigree solutions with the QuickMark CO2 laser scanner

Would you like to create your own greeting cards and realise your original ideas for invitations without delay? No problem – eurolaser technology is ideally suited for the processing of paper and carton.

The benefits of die-cutting paper with laser:

• Extremely low laser power required
• Cutting, marking and inscribing all possible
• Cutting edges with none of the deformations that occur during punching
• Cost-effective production of samples and small lot sizes
• Finest details and inner contours possible (< 1/10 mm)

Give your products a unique flair that sets them apart from the ordinary.
Individual designs give your cards a personal note and boost the enjoyment of the receiver. Within just a few seconds a little something is transformed into an individual product with lasting value.

There are no limits to what you can design using software programs, because laser cuts every contour accurately, right down to the smallest details. Fantastic effects and high contrasts can be achieved by using several layers of different types of paper in different colours.

The QuickMark laser marking system was used for the example selected here. Extremely fast processing speeds with low investment costs plus unsurpassed durability are the features that make the QuickMark laser scanner an outstanding product. So it is the ideal solution for such kinds of applications. Unusual business cards, folded cards and wedding cards, packaging and much, much more can be produced quickly and cost-effectively.

Impress with individual greetings cards that have lasting value!

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QuickMark | Laser Marking Machine

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