Coat racks out of 12 mm Multiplex | Laser cutting

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Wardrobe for special ambience

Always functional – but also quite different. The special argument is the individual design capability and therefore the design of these coat racks. Made from 12 mm thick Multiplex, they are the combination of a high degree of stability and low-cost materials.

As well as being a storage facility for jackets and coats, these special coat racks also provide cosy ambience in a contemporary style. Shapes and recesses are left to your imagination thanks to laser cutting. Every contour you can think of is cut out exactly and conveniently so that your idea can be implemented quickly and with a high degree of precision.

The cutting process, which is contactless but optimised due to tactile focus guidance, is incomparably simple. The material that is being machined does not suffer any mechanical stress or damage such as that which is caused by normal tool force.

Neither chippings nor dust contaminate the workpiece, and little cleaning is required around the machine. Machining remains flexible, since the contours are transferred directly from one of the many design software solutions from a PC workstation to the CNC laser machining system.

In order to give these coat racks that special something, engraving and colours can be used to produce great effects and designs. Individual and low-cost design options that will impress your customers.

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M-1600 | Laser Cutter Machine

600 W

, Wood

Furniture industry

, Wood handcraft

Laser cutting

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