Protective vest made of aramid | Laser cutting

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Aramid fibres - for maximum safety.

Aramid is a golden-yellow, organic synthetic fibre, the strands of which are extremely stable and flexible and can therefore only be mechanically cut with difficulty or with great effort. In compound form, aramid compounds are distinguished by particular characteristics:

• very high strength
• high vibration damping
• acid and caustic resistant
• heat and fire resistant
• extremely impact resistant
• light and flexible

Because of these characteristics, aramid fibres are mainly used in demanding safety applications. Examples of these include:

• bullet-proof vests
• cut protection clothing
• safety helmets
• light and stable vehicle parts (e.g. airbags, bumper...)
• safety cover devices (e.g. in jet engines)

In spite of this high stability, this organic synthetic fibre can be cut with a laser without difficulty. This has the particular advantage of non-contact processing. The absence of material warping enables exact contours and accurate detail cuts to be produced at high process speeds.

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