Laser cutting of industrial adhesive tapes


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CO2 laser cutters specially developed for high-performance adhesive tapes Industrial tapes are the ideal choice for high-performance industrial applications. However, the material presents ist processors with major challenges. When cutting industrial and high-performance adhesive tapes, it is about exact cut edges as well as the possibility of individual contours and filigree cuts. Here the CO2 laser impresses with its absolute precision and flexible application options. Laser cutting systems work without contact, which means that no adhesive residue sticks to the tool. There is no need to clean or re-sharpen the tool with laser cutting.

Your benefits:

  • Contactless, no adhesive residue sticking to the tool
  • Clean cut edges thanks to fusing - no post-processing necessary
  • No material fixation required thanks to the vacuum table
  • No tool wear - Highest cutting quality
  • Precise and filigree cuts possible
  • Easy removal of the cut parts
  • Little tool and machine cleaning
  • High repeatability

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