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Acrylic glass, PMMA, Perspex, Plexiglas, Crylux, CRYLON, Evonik, Röhm, Polyethylene, PE, Foam, Hard foam, Erpa, FOREX®, 3A Composites, Canon, Océ, Arizona

Multi-functional solution for flexible finishing

Print & Cut Workflow

In order to demonstrate the flexibility of eurolaser systems in interaction with digital flatbed printers, we created an illustrative demo model for our jubilee fair. In cooperation with our partners Canon, Erpa, Evonik and 3A Composites we presented an extensive production process. The special feature of our sample represents the diverse areas of applications covered.


Production of a printed sample from the advertising technology/POS sector made of different materials. Besides, a perfectly fitting packaging including inlay was created. Our demo model showed the combined use of CO2 laser and various mechanical tools.

Production process:

10-mm Glasslook Plexiglas® and FOREX®print, also 10 mm thick, were used as the basic materials. The solid plastic sheet was first printed using a Canon Océ Arizona flatbed printing system and then, milled with a 1-KW cutter on our demonstration system. Parallel to this, the Plexiglas® was cut to shape with laser.

We benefited from the expertise of Erpa Systeme GmbH when it came to developing the packaging. We produced a carton in the form of a small case with a window. The foam inlay was cut to shape parallel to the other materials using an oscillating knife.


With the exception of the printing, all steps of the production can be carried out just on a single eurolaser system. The use of three tools installed in parallel means you can achieve optimum flexibility in the choice of processing technologies and materials.

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