Advantages of non-contact laser processing

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Your material is cut and engraved without contact, so that there is no breakage, material distortion or crushing. Placement is extremely simple and there is no need to fix the workpieces. Benefit from the special properties of the laser:

No clamping of the material
- Less work preparation
- Full material utilisation
- No material crushing
- Easy placement without special know-how

No force on the material
- Lower reject rate due to less breakage
- Machining of small parts possible without fixing
- Less cleaning effort, as no chips are produced
- Less noise development
- Better material utilisation, thanks to efficient nesting
- Almost radius-free, fine contours due to minimal laser beam diameter

No tool wear
- Consistent cutting quality
- No resharpening necessary
- Lower tool costs
- No tool change
- No tool contamination

No material distortion
- Less material wastage
- More precise cutting results
- Even very light, stretchable material can be processed

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