Aramid fabric| Laser cutting

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XL-3200 | Laser Cutter Machine , Automation and Options
Conveyor System
Aramid, Plastics , Textiles
Military, police , Plastics processing, Sport industry
Laser cutting
Aramid fibre, Nomex, Kevlar, Kapton, Mylar, cutting quality

eurolaser offers CO2 laser cutter especially developed for textiles

Large format laser systems are optimally suitable for the cutting of aramid (also known as Kevlar® or Nomex®). Especially the contactless processing through the laser beam and the therewith related non-deforming cutting as well as the high precision are crucial arguments for the application of laser technology in textile processing. Compared to the usage of knives, the laser will not be blunt when cutting of aramid and thus, it cuts in a steady high quality.

  • No fabric distortion due to contactless laser cutting
  • Precise cutting of very filigree details
  • Less cleaning effort due to reduced dust development during cutting
  • No tool wear – steady high cutting quality
  • No downtimes through tool change
  • Processing in all directions – independent of fabric structure

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