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BANOVA® undergoing laser testing

Laser cutting of light plywood made of balsa veneers

Minimum weight with at the same time high stability – this characterizes the high-quality plywood panels of BANOVA®. We have tested the natural and sustainable material of balsa wood for laser applications in the variants BANOVA® PLUS and BANOVA® DIGITAL. Application of the lightweight building boards is very versatile and provides simple handling with regard to production and logistics.

eurolaser has taken a closer look at this material. Its properties during laser processing were tested in eurolaser’s own application lab.
Benefits of cutting BANOVA® with CO2 lasers:

  • Contact-free processing – minimum material waste, no breakage
  • Finest details and radius-free inner contours possible
  • No chippings – less dirt and effort
  • No clamping or fixing of the workpiece necessary
  • Burr-free edges – no reworking necessary
  • No tool wear
  • Available automation functions for optimum production utilization

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