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Conveyor System
Aramid, Fibre glass , Polyamide , Polyester , Polypropylene , Textiles
Automotive , Clothing industry, Filter
Laser cutting, printing, marking, labelling
Optical Recognition System , Ink Marker

, Ink Printer Module

, Label Module

Automation, Efficiency, Industrial filters, Technical textiles, cutting quality

Automatic material feed for the endless processing of textiles

The Conveyer-Option is the ideal solution for series and mass production. It is equipped with a great package of configurations. Available for the systems M-1200, L-1200, L-3200, XL-1600, XL-3200, 2XL-3200 and 3XL-3200.

What are the advantages of the Conveyor System?

  • An increase in productivity thanks to loading and unloading during the cutting process
  • Workpiece removal during the cutting process at the collecting table possible
  • The material feed is stretching-free
  • Accurate placement of the workpiece through automatic edge control with the Feeding Unit
  • Optional camera recognition system for automated processing
  • Optional marking systems (e. g. Ink Marker, Ink Printer, Label Module)
  • Processing of very large formats by edgeless continuation of cuts possible

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