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M-800 | Laser Cutter Machine
200 W
Polycarbonate, Foils
Packaging , Automotive, Medical industry
Laser cutting
Polycarbonate, PC, Makrofol®

Polycarbonate film Makrofol® DE

Laser cutting - successfully tested on eurolaser systems

Under the brand name Makrofol®, Covestro markets thermoplastic polycarbonate film worldwide. It is available as transparent, translucent and covered version. The graphical optical film is particularly suited to all common printing procedures. It is then typically moulded three-dimensionally for the film-insert-moulding procedure in the Thermoform or High-Pressure procedure and then back-injected or glued thermoplastically.

Covestro and eurolaser

In close cooperation between Covestro and eurolaser, the polycarbonate film Makrofol® DE was tested for the possibility of laser cutting.

Laser cutting of polycarbonate film is increasingly gaining in importance as separation procedure. Currently this is for design and prototype design in particular, but is set to be extended to serial applications in the future. The cooperation enables experts of both companies to expand their know-how in a targeted way and exchange experiences or material and processing methods to make this accessible to customers.

Due to the excellent results during the cutting tests, Makrofol® DE was certified by eurolaser as 'ideally suited'.

Typical application areas for Makrofol®:

  • Automotive industry (dials)
  • Electrics/ electronics
  • Medical engineering
  • Information technology
  • Packaging sector
  • Graphics
  • Light management (diffuser foil)
  • Security industry (ID documents, passports)

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