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Shuttle Table System Automatic

With the Shuttle table System the efficiency of the eurolaser Systems can be further increased. Loading and unloading can take place during the processing, further the already processed work pieces can easily be reached and unloaded.

Benefits of the Shuttle Table System:

  • Loading and unloading during cutting process - increased system duty
  • Easier accessibility of the pieces produced by moving the material support
  • Increasing efficiency by minimising downtime
  • Easy handling
  • Automatic table shift after cutting process possible
  • System is not encapsulated - Robot assembly possible (24/7 - operation)
  • New material is located on the top shuttle table - thereby no material remaining is falling on the new material

The Shuttle Table System is available as automatic and manual version combined with the new systems M-800, M-1200, M-1600, L-1200, or rather XL-1200. Due to simple installation, the system can also be used with one engaged table module only.

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