Ball pens and promotional items | Laser marking

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30 W
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Advertising further informations, Stationeryfurther informations
Semi-finished product
Laser-engraving, Laser-marking
Laser scanner, Laquered metal

Extremely flexible, permanent marking

Anyone who deals in promotional items knows that low costs are de rigueur nowadays. Low volume production at affordable prices is in greater demand than ever. At the same time, the promotional items on offer are expected to be of ever higher quality. For this reason, the application of an appealing logo is often the decisive criteria, if one is to be a successful player in the market. On many items, a screen print, applied using a standardised process, looks less appealing than a laser engraving. A significant advantage of laser engraving is that it cuts directly into the actual surface of the promotional item. A printed surface, on the other hand, quickly wears off, and is, therefore, less effective for advertising.

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